Direct Primary Care

Cost Effective · Convenient · Personalized

Stream Lined · Accessible

Ideal For People With No Insurance, High Deductible Plans, HSA’s, or Hospitalization Only Plans

No Waiting

Same Day or Next Day Visits

Office, Video, Telephone 

“DPC benefits patients by providing substantial savings and a greater degree of access to, and time with, physicians”. 

American Academy of Family Physicians


Whats Included?


What do you get when you choose to partner with your doctor in Direct Primary Care?

The short answer is a lot because we want to help you live your fullest life possible.





No Copays

Plan fees cover the cost of all visits.

HSA Eligible Expense

Anyone utilizing DPC is eligible to make HSA contributions and use those funds. 

Access to Care 

We see fewer patients so we are able to offer you more personalized care, longer visits and same day or next day appointments. 

Advanced Physicals 

We go well beyond the traditional physical and allow you to talk with your physician about health goals for the coming year. 

Unlimited Visits 

If you are experiencing a problem that needs closer follow-up we will see you as often as needed with no added fees. 

Extended Office Visits 

You spend more time with the doctor, because we see fewer patients, we can focus on you. 

Coordination of Care 

We also believe that healthcare shouldn’t be confusing. That’s why we do a lot of coordination for you. We schedule your appointments with specialists for you and save you a few phone calls. 

Health Coaching

We believe in helping you always, not just when a problem comes up. We provide counseling in everything from weight loss to stress management. We are available in person, by phone and by virtual appointments on-line. Meet in whatever style works for you.

Wellness Programs 

Some health issues require specific structure and attention. That’s why we’ve created additional wellness programs exclusively for our members.

  • Optimum Health – Achieve metabolic health through the latest in healthy eating.
  • Rest well – Get personalized coaching and education on the benefits of restful sleep and how to sleep better.
  • Yoga and meditation – Learn how to use yoga and meditation to reduce your stress, while attending on site classes.
  • In motion – We’re dedicated to optimizing your physical fitness and keeping you moving as you age. 


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