Ancillary Services

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Ancillary Services


While Memberships Include Doctor Visits, Procedures and Ancillary Services May Require Additional Fees at Competitive Prices. 

B12 Injections $12.50

Lipoblast Injections $20.00

Supplements – price varies

Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization  – price varies (Consultation fee waived for DPC members) click here to see pricing

Skin Tag Removal $25.00

Laceration Repair (sutures) $50.00

Incision & Drainage of Abscess $75.00

Non-Member Services

Office Visit $100.00*

Basic Physical w/Fasting labs $175.00

Pre-employment Physicals $100.00*

EKG $50.00

Skin Tag Removal $75.00

Ear Lavage $15.00

Laceration Repair (sutures) $125.00

Incision & Drainage of Abscess $125.00

Body Composition Analysis (Bioelectrical Impedance) $25.00 

School Physicals $75.00

Pre-employment Physicals $125.00

Sports Physicals $75.00

*Does not include in office laboratory testing or cost of send out laboratory tests. 

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