What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptides influence cellular function and metabolic processes that support growth and repair tissues while also regulating inflammation and helping to reduce the effects of aging. 

For decades, the use of peptides was limited but yielded incredible outcomes. Today, the benfits of peptide therapy and its impact on the human body at a deeply cellular level are well understood. These advancements allow practioners to help patients like you reduce risk of disease, improve vitality, and embrace health and longevity. 

Discover The Benefits of Peptide Therapy

Athletic Performance

Cognitive Function

Support Enhanced Performance

Get the support you need to gain an edge on the competition. With peptide therapy, you can help increase speed and endurance, support improvements in strength, enhance lean muscle, and get support for efficient workout recovery. 

Peptides work to stimulate secretion of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), which signals the release of human growth hormone or HGH. This cascade of supports improvements in strength, speed, and endurance regardless of age. This is because HGH increases protein production – the building blocks of muscle – and promotes fat burning for energy. 

When carefully administered in conjunction with a complete treatment plan designed to support total wellness, peptides can support all aspects of athletic performance and recovery, including help with sleep quality, stamina, energy, and reduced body fat. 

Benefits Include Support For:

  • improved fat burning
  • enhanced endurance
  • better workout recovery
  • improved lean muscle mass
  • increased performance
  • better sleep quality
  • enhanced focus and clarity
  • improved body composition
  • better immune function

Experience Focus and Clarity of Mind

Increased anxiety, depression and other forms of mental distress are on the rise. Excessive mental stress is impacting millions around the globe. Are you struggling with anxieny, poor mental focus, or memory loss? Certain peptides have been shown to help natually restore appropriate mental function or help improve conditions and symptoms of mental distress. 

Talk to us about peptide therapies designed to support improved congnitive function, including better focus, reduced anxiety, improved memory, and healthy support for stress management.

Benefits Include Support For:

  • improved memory and learning
  •  emotional stability
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved stress response
  • reduced brain fog

Weight Loss & Management

Skin Rejuvenation

Manage A Healthy Weight

Low levels of certain hormones are associated with increased abdominal fat. When too little of these hormones are produced – a common factor linked to aging and lifestyle – the metabolism shows, exercise capacity is reduced, and fat accumulates. Peptides stimulate the secreation of these hormones without impacting other hormones, reducing unwanted side effects, and promoting optimal outcomes. With the right peptide therapy, you can experience support for an improved metabolism, efficient weight management, and better overall health. 

Our practitioner can partner with you to develop a treatment plan that includes peptide therapies designed to help reduce excess weight and support healthy weight management. 

Benefits Include Support For:

  • improved fat burning
  • efficient weight loss
  • improved lean muscle mass
  • better sleep
  • support for workout recovery
  • enhanced mental clarity
  • improved body composition
  • enhanced immune function

Semaglutide + Pyridoxine, CJC-1295/Ipamorelin

Protect & Enhance Your Skin

Skin rejuvenation and skin protection is another benefit of peptide therapy. Certain peptides increase the amount of melanin in the skin to support protection against UV rays and induce skin tanning. Patients who have allergies to sunscreen also benefit. 

Ask our practitioner about adding peptide therapy for skin rejuvenation to your treatment plan to support a healthy glow along with other benefits. 

Benefits Include Support For:

  •  skin rejuvenation
  •  skin darkening
  • UV ray protection
  • appetite control
  • improved sexual desire

Sexual Health

Disease & Trauma Management

Reclaim Desire & Performance In The Bedroom

With nearly 30 million women in the U.S. suffering from low libido and almost as many men struggling with erectile dysfunction, natural solutions are widely sought after. Certain peptides have been shown to help counteract the effects of aging on the genitalia and libido. Men and Women who supplement peptides may enjoy improved sexual vitality. 

Ask our practitioner about adding peptide therapy for sexual health to your treatment plan and get back to enjoying time spent between the sheets. 

Benefits Include Support For:

  • increased arousal
  • increased desire for sex 
  • improved satisfaction with sex

Disease & Trauma Management

Millions of Americans are at risk of disease or facing recovery from a variety of debilitating diseases and conditions. Certain peptide therapies have been shown to help improve symptoms, support reduced risk, and help with recovery. 

Talk to our practitioner about the peptide therapy options that will help you better recover or support reduced risk of certain diseases and conditions. In combination with a complete treatment plan, peptide therapy can support your vitality at any age. 

Benefits Include Support For:

  •  cognitive function
  • pain management 
  • nerve repair
  • immune function
  • alzheimer’s disease
  • stroke recovery
  • heart attack recovery
  • reduce oxidative stress
  • improve bone density
  • improved learning
  • improved memory
  • cardiovascular function
  • healthy weight management

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